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Friday, 30 December 2016

Christmas Day 2016

WEll now, it was a stinker this year - 37° and I was in my singlet, shorts and thongs as were all our guests bar two. Junior kindly did Christmas Dinner (served at lunch time) I would happily have had all cold foods, but no no no no no , that would never do says Junior - Christmas just wouldn't be Christmas without hot food! And so, there were two Turkey Wellingtons, two slow cooked lamb shoulders with garlic and other stuff, he didn't to the pork because the butcher gave him the wrong cut, but we had ham off the bone, pasta salad, pumpkin salad, beetroot and pear coleslaw, green and red salad, plus gravy and assorted dressings and sauces.

Then, came Le pièce de résistance - the Christmas pud or if we wish to be fancy - Pudding de Noël with cream and vanilla custard. Washed down with suitable amounts of grog or in the political correct nonsense-world - processed liquids and fluids allowed to ferment.

A very strange bear paid us a visit and surprised the children.

Christmas in Australia is a happy time of year
We have no snow or icicles and yet we're filled with cheer
For we are from a distant land a land both old and vast
And if you chance upon this land of ours you'll see a Christmas last
As long as day till the sun goes down
It's been so very hot
The cockies have been wilting and then squawking round the cot
And dad says get another coldie from the fridge
And mum says father slow it down we have a ways to go.

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